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Kent S. Davis's Written Works (513)

The Silver Ball

Spherical and shining, in the central park one cool late

evening, it appeared near tall trees swaying in the breeze.

A week or so later, he tapped the glistening surface and asked

out loud, "What IS this?"

A thin and slightly bearded fellow nearby said, "That is

the  exterior surface of the universe, silly!" and then he

ambled away into the night.


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Over 20 National Evil & Infiltrated Earth Governments, Including USA, Will Be Dumped, Replaced With Meritocracies

Ben Fulford

Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say

The Satanic Nazionist cabal that seized power in the West is about to be…


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"NORAD to Buzz DC with F-16s Tonight"


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"FBI Confirmed 42% of Congress Active Pedophiles! Many More Secrets Exposed!" - (RUSSIA JUST PASSED LAW TO CASTRATE PEDOPHILES)

FBI Confirmed 42% of Congress Active Pedophiles! Many More Secrets Exposed!

Sunday, November 23, 2014 9:41…

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Some claim a god, not me, manifests and controls my very existence.

I claim I manifest and control my very existence.

Which is it - an important decision to make.


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"Children are strapped down to medical tables for these nazi-style tortures, reminiscent of the WWII concentration camps." - [Under Denver Airport, MILAB Operated by DARPA and the CIA]

["The rapists include Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, George H W Bush, Marc Jacobs of Cargill, 10 other men from Cargill, John Brennan, Keith Alexander, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jay Schnitzer, 12 military men from the Pentagon, 3 corporate executives from American express, and 14 other executives."]…


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India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

From Vac

As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it appears that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with him.

A recent report published by Health Impact News has reported that the Gates…


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[G*R*E*A*T News] Earth Returning to Good Guy (& Gal) Control - 'Bout Time

[Bad guys *had* control of Weather Modification Tech for some time - used it against people and nations for negative control] [MUCH cleanup to do]

(below from

The white hats control the…


Added by Kent S. Davis on October 6, 2014 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

"It is also very clear the United States is on the brink of revolution" (Ben Fulford) - SERIOUS Measures Now Underway To Prevent This, Including The New American Republic Activation

["Cabal" = Global Bad Guys]

Potential American revolution isn't only recent. In fact, couple decades ago an option on the table of  "Full Bloody Revolution To Wipe Out Cabal" became the second choice behind doing the gut-wrenching and arduous and deadly to many patriots, Clean & Legal Way. Cooler heads prevailed.

Per two studies, the hard and bloody revolution version would have resulted in 40-90% dead on both sides, a far better outcome than full slavery to the Cabal,…


Added by Kent S. Davis on September 28, 2014 at 2:12pm — 1 Comment

WHO'S WHO LIST (Partial) - CHILD TORTURE, MURDER, SACRIFICE - [Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult] [List from:]

[According to the ITCCS website over sixty eyewitnesses have identified members] [Witnesses remain in hiding]


Queen Elizabeth

Prince Phillip



-John Paul II

-Joseph Ratzinger

Adolfo Pachon - Catholic Jesuit Superior General

United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials

Dutch Cardinal

other Catholic Cardinals

Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

UK High…


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"Dutch Queen Beatrix...accused of funding child murder parties..." - "Queen Elizabeth...Prince Phillip...found guilty by the ICLCJ Court in the 1964 kidnapping of 10 native Canadian children..."

Dutch Queen Beatrix has been accused of funding child murder parties, while UK Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have been found guilty by the ICLCJ Court in the 1964 kidnapping of 10 native Canadian children from the Catholic Kamloops Residential School. The children are still missing. (Getty Images)

In this video Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, the spouse of a Ndragheta…


Added by Kent S. Davis on September 11, 2014 at 8:00pm — No Compliments


Was the kind of night one’s direct heading to the end of

infinity takes a curve off into a silly dream called

Mysteria and those kinds of places where one always

wanted to go but never did but absolutely should have to

avoid a long term and mundane dive into lesser things.

Cooler it was along that line, a nice opposite to hells

and all absurd and other silly game-losing stuff.

A whim caught me holding motionless in relation to all…


Added by Kent S. Davis on August 23, 2014 at 10:12pm — No Compliments

"If the military does not move, there will be civil war in the United States with militias fighting against militarized police forces working for the Fed cabal."

[Mil apparently *is* moving -- dead Rockefellers, etc]


Benjamin Fulford – 8/04/2014

Financial News, Governance, Truth and Republic, World News .



It is time to briefly summarize the recent history of the ongoing battle for the planet earth

Posted by benjamin

August 4, 2014

As readers are aware, there has been a war raging over the process of deciding what we as a species do in the future. Since the war is coming to an…


Added by Kent S. Davis on August 4, 2014 at 6:03pm — No Compliments

Tears For A Now

Fading away out my window where a spider strung silky lines

in darker corners, moving farther into something they called

the past...reality cried and tried to hold on.

Frantic grasps at anchoring masses, or calendar pages,

themselves all fading at ramdom back into the source of


Cries, echoing off dimensions, of wanting only a little more

time - now a tragic desire for the stuff of clocks measuring

only vague incrementalism of ever fading…


Added by Kent S. Davis on July 29, 2014 at 12:43am — No Compliments

The Oppt, Swissindo, Cobra Psy-Op To Fake Historic Rights To Global Gold - Concurrent With Fake Joint Naval War Games Just Below South Korea To Re-Steal Global Gold

Earth is currently built on so many layers of lies.

That gold, if it survives, will rebuild 204 countries and kickstart a thoroughly failed economy of a planet called PigPen.

Neil Keenan has the goods on them all - the reason they've tried to kill him six times now.

Alrighty then, now back to Starbucks and the wondrous heights of Earth culture.


Added by Kent S. Davis on July 28, 2014 at 4:01am — 2 Comments

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